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Alex and Georgie ClearyAlexie Glass-KantorElizabeth Ann Macgregor OBELuke Mangan OAMRonan SulichNick Tobias
Alex and Georgie Cleary
Directors, Alpha60
"We love this combination of artistry and design from A&A - it shows how great design can turn objects into art."
"Lottie’s works are so big and graphic. The colours and textures evoke strong feeling when we have seen them IRL."
"At Sydney Contemporary last year I fell in love with one of Troy's creatures. It now sits proudly in my lounge room and it greets me every morning."
"Following from 100 Chairs in 100 days - who wouldn’t want a stool by Martino!" 
"We have seen Ash’s works on buildings around Melbourne in super large scale - the canvas works still have such a grand feeling. Ash’s works seem to grow in complexity as you examine them - there are more layers and colours than you first think."
Alexie Glass-Kantor
Alexie Glass-Kantor is the Executive Director of Artspace [Sydney] and Curator, Encounters, Art Basel Hong Kong. Glass-Kantor is the curator for the forthcoming Australian Pavilion at the 59th International Art Exhibition of la Biennale di Venezia.
"This year, the bench... from his solo exhibition currently on show at Roslyn Oxley9 is a tour de force; Brook and I were able to discuss this exhibition in-depth during our recent In Conversation, and this series represents a key milestone in his artistic trajectory."
"Dean Cross is a tremendously talented early career Ngunnawal/Ngambri and Worimi artist represented here with Deadlya new work on paper with a critical edge."
"Prudence Flint’s painting The Making succinctly and with a shrewd eye examines intimacy, vulnerability, and our close personal relationships." 
"Teelah George is an early career artist making extraordinary textiles with an experimental and painterly skill that beguiles with material  sophistication and adroitness."
Patrick Hartigan, a truly great writer, thinker and conceptualist, his painting L’elephant demonstrates his skill in drawing on the history of art practice and mythology. 
"The depth of colour field exploration is rendered expertly in the painting Midnight sites by Lara Merrett, working most recently with natural pigment and socially engaged collaborations that move beyond the frame of reference."
Josephine Mick
"With a palette that is inspired by desert flowers Pitjanjatjara artist Josephine Mick, from eastern APY lands, is actively engaged in cultural business and healing practices that iterate forcefully in her paintings."
"Unafraid to draw together convergences of the supernatural, occult, and rock n’roll, Nell’s tongue-in-cheek objects reverberate with a depth of spiritual and karmic energy that is at once playful and profound."
"Drawing on a deep interest in 1970s feminist art practices and trajectories of conceptual and decorative arts, Elizabeth Pulie’s hessian and mixed fibre work is beautifully and eloquently realised while teasing at the edges of abstraction and wall-work as sculpture." 
"During Covid-19 the mutant vessels that have become our bodies have an uncanny way of shape-shifting our subjectivity and consciousness. In this the ’new normal’ this sculpture by Ronnie van Hout is a disarmingly humorous take on the  menacing reality of a lockdown life: timely."
Elizabeth Ann Macgregor OBE
Director of the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia
"A work that captures the joy of the end of winter in her playful use of colour and distinctive forms."
"It’s always good to see artists who’ve exhibited in the MCA’s Primavera exhibition - Monika’s luscious use of paint creates a thought-provoking still life."
"A work for the pandemic - the loneliness of the figure with the ruined building captures the moment."
"A strong aesthetic statement about the fragility of our environment."
"Ghosts of the past hover in these eerily beautiful images." 
Luke Mangan OAM
Chef and restauranteur: Glass, Sydney | Lukes Kitchen Sydney | Salt grill & Luke's Burger Bar P&O Cruises
"Very different to the other, abstract paintings, I also like work that depicts the physical world, but with a twist. Being a foodie, I’m tickled by this still life that gives character to pieces of fruit!"
"To me this photo is the classic ‘hauntingly beautiful’. Struck at first by the beauty of the sunlight filtering through the bush canopy, then haunted by the realisation that it’s not dawn mist but bushfire smoke."
"I have two works by Dale Frank already, and love how he pushes and experiments with the medium and the results are stunningly beautiful."
"I like painting that expresses emotion through gesture. This work captures the joy of motion like only a good boogie can!"
Ronan Sulich
Art advisor
"Whether the human body or an ancient Roman temple, Henson invests his subject with his unique vision, so whilst the medium may be photographic the work has the drama and depth of El Greco or Tintoretto, and the architectural captures of his latest series, whilst a continuation of a theme he has followed for years, have an internal crepuscular intangibility, it’s as if the Pantheon is glowing from its own recalled history."
"There’s just something so over the top about McGlennon’s hyperreal birds, perhaps it is the scale of the works which makes them so impressive, also the way they hark back to the 19th century ornithological greats like Gould, re-interpreted in a completely modern medium, but with the same attention to detail and sense of wonder."
"I have been watching and waiting for Tom Polo for years, having first discovered his work at Firstdraft in about 2009 (when I was asked to be the fundraising auctioneer) always loving his wry view of the world and human relations seen through the prism of his beautiful grotesqueries and their insane colours."
"I have a thing for portraits, and my house is full of them, from the 17th century up to now, and Vanessa’s work, which I take to be a self portrait from a year where we have all been locked in with ourselves, evokes Degas with its viewpoint and Toulouse-Lautrec in its colour, so I suspect she is a fan of the art of the 18th and 19th century too."
"The things people leave behind are so interesting- portentous, pretentious or just plain mysterious and I love the fact these are written on used dockets, paper bags and pages torn from a notebook, suggesting a deep emotion made real in the moment; one that may be forgotten, filed away or just thrown in the bin. "
Nick Tobias
Principal, Tobias Partners
"I find Brook’s work skillfully draws me in and then challenges my own thinking around colonial Australia. The beauty in the work is in the discomfort around the issue."
"Mason’s work is an exploration into the past, often through the lens of classical architecture. This work is also just beautiful object."
"These works embody the artist’s physical pain after an accident and turn that trauma into rich and powerful 3-dimensions expressions."
"I first acquired Lynne’s work in about 2002. She makes beautiful, distilled images with incredible character. In this series she tackles the beauty and the beast."
"This work is brutal but so alive and powerful."